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Heloísa Ferreira ("Lora")

15 Aug 2021
Abaetetuba, Pará (Brazil)

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Heloísa Ferreira ("Lora")
Heloísa Ferreira ("Lora") [photo:]

Heloísa's body was found in her home with stab wounds by police. Her ex-partner was arrested 5 days later.

A transsexual woman was murdered last Sunday (15), in Abaetetuba, at passagem Júlio César. The crime that may have been passionately motivated. Heloísa Ferreira was killed at her home and, according to the local police, the main suspect is her ex-partner, who has not yet been found.

The Military Police was called to investigate a case of homicide and arriving at the scene, they found Heloisa's body. According to the PM, the victim had several stab wounds over his body.

At the scene, some of Heloisa's family members accompanied by the analysis of the crime scene and spoke to the authorities. Relatives said she had a troubled relationship with a man who they believed was responsible for the murder.

Report added: 25 Aug 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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