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Nuray Nuriyev

Age 27

18 Aug 2021
Puta, Baku (Azerbaijan)
Stabbed and burned

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Nuray Nuriyev
Nuray Nuriyev [photo:]

Nuray's burnt body found on Sunday 22nd August after she had been killed around four days earlier. A suspect has been arrested.

Note that some reports name her as Nuray, and others as Nurray.

A trans woman was stabbed and burned alive in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the settlement of Puta, in the district of Garadagh, Nurray, 27, was found dead on 22 August by the police. She had been killed days earlier, on August 18th. His body was found covered in lacerations, as reported by Meydan TV, a local news agency.

Nurray had just celebrated her birthday, as seen in a social video where she smiled, danced and sang karaoke with friends. The Garadag District Attorney's Office stopped Mirshahid Mehtiyev . The motive for the terrible murder has not yet been found, but it is thought to be a personal conflict.

"A criminal case was immediately initiated ," Ekhsan Zahidov , who oversees the state police force for the Ministry of Internal Affairs , told Happin.Az. " During the investigation, it was established that 27-year-old Nurray, a resident of the Agdam district, was killed ."

Mirshahid Mehtiyev was charged with deliberate murder under Article 120 (1) of the country's criminal code. After Nurray's death, a dozen LGBT activists gathered in Baku, calling on the authorities to eliminate prejudice and for the police to listen to their cries for help.

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