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Gina Rodríguez Sinuiri

Age 28

21 Sep 2021
Callao (Peru)

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Gina Rodríguez Sinuiri
Gina Rodríguez Sinuiri [photo:]

Gina was stabbed in a hotel room. A suspect is being sought by police.

Gina Rodríguez Sinuari, a young 25-year-old from Pucallpina, was killed by two stab wounds in a room she rented in a hotel in Callao.

According to her companions, the main suspect is a Venezuelan citizen with whom she had an intermittent relationship, who goes by the names of Ángel Rodríguez or Ángel Gutiérrez.

The attack occurred at 8 am on Monday, September 20, at the Aeropuerto hostel, located in the 31 block of Avenida Tomas Valle, in the Juan Ingunza urbanization. Gina Rodríguez received the subject in her room at 6 in the morning. Two hours later, the lodging receptionist went to the guest room after her companion ran out and found her lying on the floor with two deep cuts to her abdomen.

The victim was rushed to the San José hospital, but unfortunately died at dawn on September 21.

According to witnesses, the alleged murderer has had appointments with several of the sex workers of the place whom he contacted through Facebook and after each encounter he changed his name on the social network. Detectives from the Callao Criminal Investigation Division have requested the videos of the security camera of a casino that works next to the hotel that would have captured the arrival and the escape of the murderer for their full identification.

Various organizations of trans people spoke out about this crime demanding justice for the young woman and her relatives, and greater and better attention from the authorities.

Gina's Facebook profile is

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