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El Cho

Age 30

9 Oct 2021
Yucca Valley, California (USA)
Not reported

El Cho
El Cho [photo:]

El's remains were found on 9th October after they had been missing since 28th June. They were nonbinary but every single mainstream news outlet misgendered and deadnamed them.

Authorities have confirmed that they have located the remains of El Cho. My deepest condolences to their chosen family and their family of origin

TW: at link, deadnaming, misgendering

just feel the need to point out how aggressively they have been misegendered and deadnamed in the press. If you're cis and don't see why this is a problem please consider how fucked it is to erase someone's actual lived identity when they are in no position to defend themselves

It hurts our entire community to watch as people literally erase us after death. Knowing that even in death we're disrespected. Knowing that the minute our voices stop, people will come in and over write our literal existance for their own cis comfort. It's disgusting.

Seriously, cis people go look at the articles for their missing persons case. There's not even any acknowledgment that they were non-binary, and only cursory hat tips to the name El, which they treated as a nickname.

I only know because another researcher hunted down El's social media, and read comments from their chosen family and was alarmed at the erasure and contacted me. This is an extremely common occurrence. Erasing that people are LGBTQ+ in media when they go missing is gross as hell

It also makes it much harder for our community to support them and their chosen families, and to assist in finding them. And frankly, no one is going to look for our own as hard as we will ourselves.

El's Facebook profile is

Report added: 2 Nov 2021

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