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Tayda Lebón

14 Oct 2021
New York (USA)

Tayda Lebón
Tayda Lebón [photo:]

Tayda was an artist and musician. She died by suicide, reportedly after being thrown out of her home by her mother, who did not accept her transition.

On Thursday, the tragic death of Tayda, the daughter of David Lebón, the Argentine rock guitarist musician, was announced. The news was communicated by the panelist Franco Torchia, who had contact with her and shocked everyone, but the stupor grew in the last hours because it transpired that he had committed suicide after a bad family moment.

"Tayda Lebón died in New York, where she had lived for many years. She was an artist at all times, intelligent at full volume and the architect of her own survival. Daughter of David Lebón. She had been asking for help for months. Even without further details. Much sadness" , wrote the journalist in a social network post. Minutes later, the same journalist gave a shocking detail in another tweet: "Tayda committed suicide," he detailed.

Tayda was an artist who, like her father, chose music and later settled in the United States to live as a tattoo artist. By then she had chosen to be a trans woman.

An artist, musician and tattoo artist, she came to New York in the mid-2000s, the city where her mother Liliana lived, trying to escape the label that the media imposed on her as 'daughter of'. "I wanted to go to a place where nobody knew me and that what I managed to do was for myself," she said in an interview with La Nación in 2017.

But there his life was not easy either, since family problems appeared. “Having the family that I have, I imagined that my transition was going to be much easier, that I was going to be a good example for other families, because it is good to have the positive stories of people who were able to make a transition with the support of his family. There are a lot of people who are that lucky. "

"With my family, I thought I was going to be a good example. But hey, one is constantly surprised by things: half of my family did not like it. They did not write or say anything to me. I have been very surprised by many people I know that, possibly, I do not feel that they support me , ”Tayda said, without specifically mentioning her mother, who was the one who had not accepted her transition.

Tayda rented an apartment in a complex owned by her mother's husband, and she lived one floor above where they lived. According to what they say, David's daughter said she felt trapped, judged, insulted and manipulated by her mother.

Torchia had also publicly told a few years ago that Liliana not only did not accept her daughter's changes, but that she had thrown her out of her house. However, despite the distance her father was a great pillar for her and with her all the way.

Tayda had transitioned in 2017. She had a great relationship with her father, but not with her mother.

Tayda was a tattoo artist and also a musician, like her father and mother, Lili Lagarde. In 2017, she decided to finally begin the process to transform her body by perceiving herself as a woman and defining herself as pansexual. As she had commented in an interview, she had always considered herself a woman.

In another interview, she expressed his affection for her father. " My dad was, is and will be my best friend. With his strengths and weaknesses, as we all have. I am who I am thanks to him. I can be free because I have been allowed to be free. And that is something that I never lacked from my dad. I feel loved, always listened to. He is proud of me. Respect is what I learned from him. Tanguito was not stupid. Love is stronger! The rest is bullshit. "

However, she had publicly stated that she did not have a good relationship with her mother, who like her lived in New York. On the Facebook page of Abolitionist Transfeminism, a post by Tayda was found which suggested that things had not been going well for her for months.

Tayda's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles are, and Her music is available via her Soundcloud profile at

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