TDoR 2022 / 2021 / October / 25 / Tal Piterbraut-Merx

Tal Piterbraut-Merx

Age 29 (born 23 Aug 1992)

25 Oct 2021
Paris (France)

Tal Piterbraut-Merx
Tal Piterbraut-Merx [photo:]

Tal died by suicide. He was an activist, university student and author who was dedicated to progressive causes.

On this day we mourn the loss of our comrade (and for some, our friend) Tal Piterbraut-Merx who passed away on Monday, October 25, 2021.

A dedicated militant, a brilliant university student, prolific author and comrade, Tal identified himself as a gouine and was on all fronts or almost: anti-capitalist fights, fights against adult domination, feminist fights, emancipation fights queer, of course the anti-racist fights.

Tal joined the Revolutionary Jews and Jews collective on shared findings: the violence of anti-Semitism and the absence of organization on the left to oppose it. The one of the deficiencies existing in our social camp in terms of analysis and fighting anti-Semitism. The one of the need to articulate fighting anti-Semitism and fight against all forms of oppression and exploitation. On the need also to positively reinvest justice, through the struggle, but also the rediscovering of Jewish cultural and historical heritage.

Tal brought into the collective his energy, his involvement, his humanity. He participated in building public interventions of the collective. This is how he was found at the stand of the gathering in memory of Ilan Halimi in 2021. Tal was also very involved in the creation and animation of anti-Semitism trainings. As in his fights against child abuse, developing a pedagogy to train anti-racist fights was a fundamental form of action for him. He shared his knowledge, his political views, his ideas.

Many of us recognized ourselves in his, in her journey and in what she was relentlessly fighting against: violence against children, violence of patriarchy, anti-Semitism, racism, capitalism, which translates to everyday da Our lives and in the flesh. His suicide, like the too many before him, reminds us bitterly that this mortal social order must be shot down without a change. Because this is especially the incest of which our comrade died.

His thought, his action and his revolutionary commitment, but also his bright and malicious personality will remain in our memories for a long time. He was undoubtedly an example of what our political camp can give the best.

Our organization and the entire Diaspora can be very proud to have a person like Tal in their ranks. We will honor him by continuing his fight to victory.

Tal Piterbraut-Merx, may your memory be a source of revolution.

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