TDoR 2022 / 2021 / October / 27 / Joey Spencer ("JoJo")

Joey Spencer ("JoJo")

Age 30 (born 20 Jan 1991)

27 Oct 2021
Mount Airy, North Carolina (USA)

Joey Spencer ("JoJo")
Joey Spencer ("JoJo") [photo:]

Joey died by suicide. His obituary deadnamed and misgendered him.

This morning I woke up finding out one of my dead trans brothers from Mt. Airy/Low Gap, North Carolina, down by where I used to live, us no longer here. I also saw the funeral home butchered his obituary as well. Deadnaming, misgendering him, and mispronouncing him through the entire article, which is not surprising considering how transphobic they are, but still, I am heart broken beyond words, today is sad day. I'm so fucking sad, hurt, and angry for Joey, he lost his mother, and she was so precious to him. He went through way too much abuse and trauma, alone.

I love you so much, I'm so sorry, you deserved so much better, brother. You were an exceptonal man. Rest in peace, love, power & freedom: Joey (JoJo) Spencer.

01/20/91~10/27/21 •

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