TDoR 2022 / 2021 / October / 31 / Huapaya Morales

Huapaya Morales

Age 52

31 Oct 2021
La Victoria, Peru (Peru)

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Huapaya Morales
Huapaya Morales [photo:]

Huapaya Morales and her friend Pedro Prado Asin (a well known cisgender LGBTIQ activist) were found strangled in Pedro's home. Their bodies showed signs of torture.

Pedro Prado Asin (74 [a trusted source says 68]), was known among his friends, as an activist for the human rights of people with HIV. He and his partner Huapaya Morales (52) were murdered on the last Sunday in October by two suspects who are suspected to be foreigners.

Both victims were in Prado Asin’s house, celebrating the Day of the Creole Song, when in the early hours of the morning, alone and accompanied by two young people who work in their house cleaning.

When neighbors heard screams they thought that it was a domestic fight, but in reality they [Pedro and Huapaya] had been handcuffed and were being tortured. Their assilants were apparently of Venezuelan nationality. In addition to murdering them, the young criminals stole televisions, laptops, a computer among other electronic equipment, leaving the house destroyed.

Police personnel, who reached the 14 block of calle Las Obsidianas, in the Balconcillo urbanization of the La Victoria district, immediately surrounded the house so that investigators could begin. Upon arrival, the prosecutor on duty authorized the removal of the bodies.

At the crime scene, the body of Huapaya Morales was found on the first floor of the building, while the body of Prado Asin was found on the second floor. Due to the cruelty to which they were subjected, it is suspected that it was due to their [gender and sexual orientation] that the killing constitutes a hate crime.

Report added: 10 Nov 2021. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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