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Sakura Nella Lunaestrae-Le Tourneur

Age 37 (born 31 Jan 1984)

2 Dec 2021
Aurora, Colorado (USA)

Sakura Nella Lunaestrae-Le Tourneur
Sakura Nella Lunaestrae-Le Tourneur [photo:]

Sakura died by suicide. Her marriage partner Mae Louise Le Tourneur had died by suicide eight months earlier.

Sakura Nella Lunaestrae-Le Tourneur came into this world on January 31, 1984, and wrote her final words on December 2nd 2021. She was adopted from Korea by her beloved parents, who survive her. Garth, her father lives, in Chicago, Illinois, and her mother Jennifer, lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was preceded in death by her beloved wife, Mae Le Tourneur.

Sakura loved to smile, and she always tried to help those around her to smile as well. Growing up, she loved to play, laugh and have fun, and that sense of wonder never left as she grew up.

She loved her family. Her mother, Jennifer, her father, Garth, and her wife Mae. She always spoke of them with the utmost affection. For her, her family was everything. Family was her life, her force, her reason for being.

She was a writer, and had been working on a book. She was an accomplished bowler who always loved the opportunity to throw a ball down a lane. She liked role playing games, she played the clarinet, baseball, and always had new hobbies or interests that caught her eye.

She was very active in the LGBTQIA community in Denver, and was active on the board at UC Health as a voice for Transfolx who don’t have a voice yet.

Sakura’s smile will never be forgotten, her laughter. The way she could choose words for each person, making you feel special with those words she gave you. Her quick wit, her creativity. She will never be forgotten by anyone who was lucky enough to meet her.

Sakura was a weaver of words, and now those words are free to continue into eternity with her beloved wife Mae.

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