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Cristina Cantillo Martínez

7 Dec 2021
Santa Marta, Magdalena (Colombia)

Cristina Cantillo Martínez
Cristina Cantillo Martínez [photo:]

Cristina was shot while by a hitman she was sitting in the terrace of her home. She was a community leader who had asked for protection after being threatened.

Cristina Cantillo, the renowned leader and social activist of the LGBTI + community in Santa Marta, was murdered on Tuesday night while she was sitting on the terrace of her house [at Carrera 60 No. 10-60] in the Ondas del Caribe neighborhood.

The leader had received death threats and several attacks against her and her family, as a result of which the local government authorized her special protection through the National Protection Unit, UNP. Last year Castillo had asked for protection after suffering an attack in which her brother was injured.

Human rights defenders condemned her assassination and claimed that the social leader was not listened to by the local authorities. According to the Samarian leader Lerbes Dimas, city life is not respected and today a whole community mourns the loss of a feisty, affective woman with a social sense.

"They turned off the voice of a leader, of a colleague. Cristina did not want to die and asked a thousand times for a security scheme different from the one she had. She had denounced the fact that they were going to assassinate her, but it was the voice of a trans woman, which no one wanted to hear" Dimas expressed.

Cristina had reported serious extortion situations against trans women who worked in prostitution in the Mamatoco sector, also serious complaints against the National Police. In her social networks, the activist had made a recent publication in which she expressed solidarity with the families affected by the fire in the public market of Santa Marta that occurred at dawn this Tuesday.

According to the authorities, initial reports indicate that a hitman arrived at the door of Castillo's house and shot him several times. Despite being taken to a health center she died.

The same day two other trans people - Maní and La Divaza - were also killed in Colombia.

Report added: 9 Dec 2021. Last updated: 12 Dec 2021

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