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Yasmim Fontes

Age 23

8 Dec 2021
João Pessoa, Paraíba (Brazil)

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Yasmim Fontes
Yasmim Fontes [photo:]

Yasmim was stabbed by a man who posed as a client who then fled carrying her purse.

A [trans woman] was stabbed to death at dawn this Thursday (9) on Avenida Edson Ramalho, in João Pessoa.

According to an investigation by TV Correio, the victim worked as a program girl in the locality. She was reportedly approached by someone who looked like a customer on Avenida João Maurício, on the edge of Praia de Manaíra. After some conversation, they walked to Avenida Edson Ramalho and stopped on a piece of land next to a container, a spot often used for sexual encounters.

There, the man started to attack the [trans woman]. She managed to run for a few meters but could not survive her injuries. The man fled towards the beach, and security camera footage recorded the moment he rushed past, with something in his hand that looked like a purse. The [trans woman]'s purse was found in the vicinity where the crime took place.

Subsequently it was alleged that her killing was orchestrated as a result of a feud with Aysla Roberta, 24.

Audio recording sexchanged between Yasmin Fontes, 23, who was stabbed to death last Tuesday (8), and Aysla Roberta, 24, suspected of committing the crime, reveal a feud that already existed between the two trans women.

Yasmin was murdered with a knife in the Manaíra neighborhood, being hit in the neck and chest. She could not survive her wounds and died at the scene. Local security cameras recorded the moment when the suspect ran away after committing the crime.

According to Yasmin's family, the victim and suspect already had an old feud and the family had access to audios in Whatsapp conversations where the two exchanged curses and threats, as reported by Notícia Paraíba.

In the conversation, Yasmin tells a person that Aysla was looking for her and that she reportedly threatened to kill her. The trans woman also said that she came to run after suspicion during the confusion between the two, but that Aysla had drawn a dagger and told others that she would end Yasmin's life.

In the audio sent by Aysla, she said she was fed up with the arguments and threatened to take five men to kill Yasmin.

Aysla's defense attorneys said the trans woman is innocent and that the crime was not a murder but a robbery.

Report added: 10 Dec 2021. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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