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Bielzinho Costa

29 Dec 2021
Timon, Maranhão (Brazil)

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Bielzinho Costa
Bielzinho Costa [photo:]

Bielzinho was shot by two armed men who invaded his home.

A trans man, identified only as Bielzinho Costa, was shot dead around 20:00 this Wednesday (29) during a home invasion at his house in the Miguel Arraes residential complex of Timon (MA).

According to information from the 11th Battalion of the Military Police, witnesses reported that two armed men arrived and entered the victim's residence. They fired firearms and then fled.

A team from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) was called to the scene and found that the victim was already lifeless. The suspects have not been identified and Timon's Civil Police will investigate the crime.

Report added: 30 Dec 2021. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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