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Cristian Nicola

Age 27

5 Jan 2022
Guayaquil, Guayas (Ecuador)

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Cristian Nicola
Cristian Nicola [photo:]

Cristian was shot in the back by hitmen who intercepted him while he was riding a motorcycle with his father.

One of the assailants was subsquently arrested.

Cristian Nicola, 27 years old, was traveling on a motorcycle accompanied by his father, at the height of Vía Daule, Peca sector (north of Guayaquil), when he was intercepted by alleged hitmen, on the afternoon of Wednesday, January 5 of 2022.

During the journey, Cristian was hit by another motorcycle with two people on board, who fired about nine shots in his back. And after the crime was committed, the murderers fled to an unknown destination.

However, the National Police started a persecution with the help of the ECU 911 cameras, and managed to arrest one of those involved in the crime, who turned out to be a minor.

This tragic event was brought to the attention of the Centro Psico Trans de Quito of the Silhouette X Association, members of the Platform "New National Trans Network" (which covers rural, community, peripheries with its collectives), the GLBTI Observatory, and the National Federation of LGBT Organizations.

Through a statement, the GLBTI union reported that Cristian was a member of its community and that, in addition, he was "known for his sector."

He added that "from versions of his acquaintances we know that (Cristian) was an official of the SNAI " (National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders).

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