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Karina López

Age 40 (born 25 Oct 1981)

14 Jan 2022
Xalapa, Veracruz (Mexico)

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Karina López
Karina López [photo:]

Karina's body was found in her home on 17th January. The authorities initially refused to release her body for burial.

Had they not relented following protests her body would have been sent to a mass grave.

She was clinically vulnerable and died at home from asphixiation. Although there is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 was involved in Karina's death, it is always possible in such cases.

Xalapa, Ver.- After several hours of legal procedures, requests and demonstrations, the authorities of the State Attorney General's Office agreed to hand over the body of Karina, a trans woman who died last Friday at her home in Xalapa, to members of the LGBTQ+ community. In a small demonstration they let the population know that they will give a Christian burial to the trans woman with whom they shared several years of their lives and whose family were their co-workers and friends.

"Human rights are for everyone, the value of the family is everything even if it is not blood, coexistence makes you part of it and you can make decisions about it for any member of your circle. Today, after days of waiting, justice was served and the body of our compañera is being handed over to enable us to able to give her a Christian burial", they explained. This morning the members of that community had demonstrated by blocking calle Úrsulo Galván and the offices of the State Attorney General's Office located on avenida Manuel Ávila Camacho to request that Karina's body be handed over to them, since she had no relatives who could claim it.

At the voice of "her family is us", members of the community explained that Karina worked in the red zone of Xalapa and, according to the official report, Karina had lost her life due to suffocation while she was at home. She had previously undergone a tracheotomy, so her death was due to natural causes. They said that she died last Friday, after which the authorities were asked to hand over her body so that he could receive a Christian burial.

They also explained that she came from Chiapas to Xalapa when she was a 12 year old child. It was in the capital of Veracruz that she assumed her identity as a trans woman.

The body of Karina López could be sent to a mass grave.

Members of the community #LGBT + demonstrated claiming that since last Friday the Prosecutor's Office has not delivered the body.

Karina López was found dead on January 17.

Compañeras and activists demonstrated at the Veracruz Attorney General's Office @FGE_Veracruz that the Xalapa Morgue should hand over her body to give her a dignified burial.

Karina lived in a situation of vulnerability without support networks.

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