TDoR 2022 / 2022 / January / 17 / Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Age 25

17 Jan 2022
Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil)

Name Unknown

An unidentified trans woman was shot dead on the night of Monday 17th January, reportedly while participating in a robbery.

An incident involving six people was registered on the night of this Monday (17), in the Industrial City of Curitiba (CIC). A truck driver who was a resident of the Sítio Cercado neighborhood was surprised by two suspects as he was starting a trip to São Paulo. According to information, two other trans people participated in the crime and a gunman wounded at least three people.

The result of the incident was: a 25-year-old trans woman dead; another arrested; two suspects shot and under observation at the hospital; a gunman who surrendered to the police station; and the victim, the truck driver.

The incident took place on Rua Juscelino Kubistchek, on the Contorno Sul waterfront, at CIC. The truck driver was heading towards a gas station, before continuing on to São Paulo, with a load of wine. However, as he was passing along the area, he was approached by two suspects. The truck driver stopped the vehicle and placed the truck at the disposal of the men. Soon after, two trans women entered the cabin of the truck and attempted to rob him.

The victim surrendered to the robbery, losing cell phone and cards to the suspects. However, shots were heard shortly thereafter. A gunman had passed the scene, saw what was happening and started shooting.

One of the trans women was shot and did not survive. The two men accompanying the crime were also injured and sent for treatment. The other trans woman was not shot and was arrested.

A man later surrendered to the police station and confessed to being the shooter. According to extra official information, the boy declared that he was also the victim of the suspects. He claimed he fired to protect himself from an attempted robbery and not because he witnessed the crime against the truck driver.

Report added: 19 Jan 2022. Last updated: 23 Jan 2022

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