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Name Unknown

31 Jan 2022
Porto da Folha, Sergipe (Brazil)

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Name Unknown

A trans woman and a cisgender man were shot and killed in a double homicide on the night of Monday 31st January.

A trans woman and a man were murdered this Monday (31) in the municipality of Porto da Folha.

According to the Civil Police, an armed suspect chased the victims, fired the shots and then fled.

They were attended by the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), but did not survive their injuries.

Their assailant surrendered to police 3 weeks later.

The suspect in the murder of a trans woman and a boy that took place at the beginning of February, in the municipality of Porto da Folha, presented himself to the police this Tuesday, 22. The information was confirmed by the Sergipe Public Security Secretariat ( SSP/SE).

According to the SSP, a warrant for the suspect's preventive arrest had already been requested from justice, as well as a search and seizure warrant, which was carried out for the suspect's home, but nothing illicit was found.

According to investigations by the Civil Police, the crime is linked to drug trafficking in the region. The investigation is still open. The suspect was taken to the 4th Metropolitan Police Station (4th DM) and will be transferred to a prison unit.

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