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Kimberlly Villegas

6 Feb 2022
Ibagué, Tolima (Colombia)

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Kimberlly Villegas
Kimberlly Villegas [photo:]

Kimberlly was stabbed in street in the early hours of Sunday 6th February. A suspect has been detained.

The Judge of Valle de San Juan with Function of Control of Guarantees on duty in Ibagué, sent Robinson López Montoya to be detained in Picaleña Prison after he was accused of murdering a person from the LGBTI community near the Andrés López de Galarza Park. The deceased trans woman was identified as [deadname] Villegas, of Venezuelan nationality, who was known in her personal circle as 'Kimberly'.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, on the corner of Carrera Segunda with calle 18 (near Parque Andrés López de Galarza), allegedly "Kimberly" stole some money from Robinson López Montoya. The 49-year-old man, from San Antonio, south of Tolima, reacted and stabbed the female member of the LGBTI community with a knife at the abdomen. The young [trans woman] was taken by friends in a taxi to Federico Lleras Acosta Hospital, headquarters of La Francia, but the doctors could not save her life.

The Metib Police uniformed officers who were notified of the bloodshed, reacted and captured López Montoya, who was found in his possession with a knife, with which he had murdered the Venezuelan woman. Sectional Prosecutor 16 of the Flagrancia Group presented Robinson López Montoya in a virtual hearing, charging him with the crime of aggravated homicide for placing the victim in a defenseless or inferior situation or taking advantage of this situation.

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