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Beatriz Souza/Beatriz Bastos

Age 38

7 Feb 2022
Paris (France)
Overdose from a spiked drink

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Beatriz Souza/Beatriz Bastos
Beatriz Souza/Beatriz Bastos [photo:]

Beatriz died in her ex-partner's apartment. It is alleged that her ex-partner spiked her drink with prohibited substances and then filmed her dying.

A transgender woman from Pará was found dead inside an apartment, in the early hours of Monday (7), in Paris, France. According to information passed on by the victim's family, identified as Beatriz Souza, 38, the suspicion is that the ex-partner has put illegal substances in her drink, causing an overdose .

The main suspect had recorded videos of Beatriz dying inside the apartment. “There are several accounts. But what most people believe is that they put prohibited substances in her drink. And Pietra (ex-partner) filmed everything, saw her dying and was mocking her. It didn't help at all. We just want her to be remembered and justice to be done,” a cousin of Beatriz, who preferred not to be identified, told the report.

Beatriz grew up in the Cremação neighborhood of Belém. Her cousin did not know whether the family intends to bring the body to Brazil. “We spoke very little to each other. But she told her mother that if something ever happened, she didn't want her body brought here,” she said.

Beatriz's Facebook profile is,1344256/brasileira-trans-e-encontrada-morta-dentro-de-apartamento-em-paris.shtml

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