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Sofia Gisely

Age 22

11 Feb 2022
Fortaleza, Ceará (Brazil)

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Sofia Gisely
Sofia Gisely [photo:]

Sofia's body was found with injuries sustained from a blunt object.

The body of [trans woman] Sofia Gisely, 22, was buried this Saturday morning (12), in the public cemetery of Bairro Bom Jardim, in Fortaleza. The young woman was murdered in the early hours of Friday (11) and the body was found on a plot of land on Avenida Osório de Paiva . As of Saturday afternoon, no one has been arrested. The Department of Homicide and Personal Protection is investigating the case.

In the farewell, friends and family paid tribute to Sofia. He sister Kaylliane Façanha stated that Sofia Gisely was always cheerful and that the day before her murder dela she spent the day with her dela. "She was a very happy person, just very happy. She never cried. There wasn't a day she cried. She just made us laugh when we were sad. Last time I saw her was the night before. She spent the day and night there. at home. She left and still looked at me and it was her last goodbye. I want justice. She didn't deserve to die like that. She didn't deserve this", she said.

The president of the Association of Travestis and Transsexual Women of Ceará, Andrea Rossati, regretted what happened and said that her death is yet another case of violence and impunity that happens against transvestites in the state.

"It's another case of transphobia, another case of cruelty against a transvestite, a trans person and they are acts always with refinements of cruelty. Unacceptable acts, because nothing justifies taking a person's life with so much cruelty and so much hate", he lamented.

According to the Secretariat of Public Security, the [trans woman]'s corpse was found with injuries resulting from a blunt object.

Sofia's favorite song, De Mal a Pior by Larissa Emily, was played at her wake before her coffin was closed.

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