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Cypress Ramos

Age 21

13 Feb 2022
Lubbock, Texas (USA)

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Cypress Ramos
Cypress Ramos [photo:]

Cypress was found dead in a storage unit from blunt force trauma on Sunday 13th February. Allan Montemayor, 32, has been arrested for her murder.

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Cypress Ramos’ friends are demanding justice, after the 21-year-old’s body was found in a storage unit Saturday. The murder warrant for 32-year-old Allan Montemayor reveals information about the death. The warrant says Cypress died after being struck with a hard object. Police records show that Montemayor says he believed a song told him to kill Cypress but also believed that Cypress heard a song with instructions to kill Montemayor.

Cypress’ friend, Camilla Urbina, isn’t buying Montemayor’s story and wants justice. “He tried to burn my friend, literally. Like burn, burn them up,” Camilla said.

Police say security camera video captured Montemayor’s truck at the storage unit near the 2700 block of North Frankford Ave. on Saturday. He and someone else entered the storage unit, but an hour and 20 minutes later, he came out alone and drove off. Investigators tracked him down and say they found blood on his legs. “And there was blood on his pants, I believe that something else happened. And the truth will come out. And you will pay, promise,” Camilla said.

Montemayor told police he had been in the bathroom and when he came out he saw Cypress had set a fire. He then said Cypress “came at him with a bat...and it was either me or [her]”

[A friend of Cypress] doesn’t believe that’s what happened. “She is not that strong to even hit a person with a crowbar or a four-by-four or whatever it was that hit him when he was out of the restroom. There’s no way.”

Montemayor later told polcie that "a song told him to kill her".

Cypress was a drag performer in Lubbock and was well known and loved in the gay community.

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