TDoR 2022 / 2022 / February / 19 / Gabi Mattos

Gabi Mattos

Age 17

19 Feb 2022
Aracaju, Sergipe (Brazil)

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Gabi Mattos
Gabi Mattos [photo:]

Gabi was shot in the head. The media reported that she was killed by a stray bullet, but a witness stated that she was chased and killed by an assassin.

A 17-year-old trans teenager was shot in the head at dawn on Saturday (19), in Orlinha do Bairro Industrial, North Zone of Aracaju . The information was confirmed by delegate Mário Leony.

According to police, the victim was next to two men who were arguing with guns. They exchanged gunfire and the trans teenager was shot. She died on the spot.

The Legal Medical Institute (IML) was called to collect the body. Teams from the Department of Homicide and Protection of Persons are in diligence to try to locate the suspects.

Anyone who has any information that can help with the investigations can call the Civil Police's Dial-Denunciation, through 181.


Our Mandate includes looking for new information about the case and what measures are being taken. We will keep reporting to the media and asking #JusticaPorGabi !

In addition to the information that although there was a @pmsergipe camera at the scene of the crime, it WAS NOT WORKING, initial information said that there was an exchange of fire and that the victim had supposedly been shot with a stray bullet.

The camera of a restaurant nearby was also not working, but accounts we received from witnesses nearby say there was no exchange of fire but the criminal ran after the victim and shot her, intending to kill her.

A witness also said that the perpetrators were two individuals on a black 150 motorcycle, both armed, and one of them was described as white with a mustache. It's really very strange that, in an alleged shooting, only she was shot and that was in the head.

We want the investigation and verification of the facts, as well as the solution not only of this case, but also of the case of Natasha Santos, a 16-year-old black transvesti, who, even over 1 year on from her transphobic murder in Coroa do Meio, the investigation concluded WITHOUT CONCLUDING WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE even though the authorities have security camera footage!

We need to pressure the Public Ministry and the Court of Justice, so that the case is reopened and the investigations continue, and to continue denouncing and charging #JustiçaPorGabi and #JustiçaPorNatasha !

Holding the perpetrators of these brutal and inconceivable cases to account is crucial to combating transphobic violence.

Anyone who has any information, call Dial Denunciation 181, anonymously.

Gabi Mattos, present! #Bastadetransfobia

Report added: 20 Feb 2022. Last updated: 13 Nov 2023

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