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Gabrielly Monteiro

22 Feb 2022
São Luís, Maranhão (Brazil)

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Gabrielly Monteiro
Gabrielly Monteiro [photo:]

Gabrielly's body was found with stab wounds inside a quitinete (a small apartment) on the morning of Tuesday 22nd February.

The body of a [trans woman] was found at the end of the morning of this Tuesday, 22, in a quitinete on Rua Projetada, in the Jardim das Margaridas neighborhood of São Luís.

According to the police, a woman found the body covered in blood, in a room that belongs to a resident identified as Edmundo Pereira. The unidentified victim was not recognized by anyone at the scene. Popular reported that the resident has not been seen in the quitinete since last Saturday, the 19th.

According to the police, a check revealed that the resident has a criminal record for domestic violence dated 06/17/2020 and a crime of extortion, registered on 06/13/2020, both at the Raposa police station.

In June 2022 Edmundo Silva Pereira, 27, was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Report added: 23 Feb 2022. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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