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Katherine Salazar

27 Feb 2022
Puerto Quijarro, Santa Cruz (Bolivia)
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Katherine Salazar

Katherine's body was found in her room. The way her body was found suggests that she was a victim of violence.

The mysterious death of a trans woman who worked as a porter at a cemetery in Puerto Quijarro, Santa Cruz, has generated consternation in the population. That is why the Ombudsman has called for the causes of death to be investigated through a thorough investigation.

The woman, named Katherine S., was found dead in her room on February 27. Her neighbors would have found her without vital signs. According to the portal Clave 300, what would have attracted attention was the position in which the woman was. Hence, the alarm was generated and the hypothesis of an alleged homicide was supported.

Through a statement, the Ombudsman urged the Public Ministry to clarify the fact. "The defense institution demands that the local authorities clarify the causes of this death as soon as possible and, if evidence of violence is found on Katherine's body, find the culprits and bring them to justice in accordance with the established procedure."

The institution assured that it monitors through the Regional Coordination of Puerto Suárez.

The Movement of Diversities and Sexual Dissidence of Santa Cruz, for its part, echoed the news and detailed that at the scene of the crime, there were blood stains, sticks and torn clothing. The entity regretted that Katherine's closest relatives have not appeared. "No family member appeared to dismiss Katherine's body, while activists from the Santa Cruz Movement of Sexual Diversities and Dissidents are monitoring the case."

The Ombudsman mentioned that the rejection that trans women often experience results in their not being able to receive a final goodbye, a situation that must end.

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