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Milo Winslow

Age 30

3 Mar 2022
Lincoln, Nebraska (USA)

Milo Winslow
Milo Winslow [photo:]

Milo died by suicide. His final social media posts show a man in great pain over the political "debate" taking place about the rights of trans people to exist in his city.

Milo Winslow (he/him) died of suicide in the early morning of 3/3/2022. Those who knew Milo know that he was a fierce advocate for the trans community, and incredibly generous with his compassion and care. He put others before him and used his platform to support others going through difficulties. He was passionate about advocating for others, especially our most vulnerable youth. As someone who had experienced what many young folks are experiencing in their lives, his ability to connect with and support people touched so many. Something people may not know about Milo is just how deeply he loved. When he loves someone it is fast, deep, and everlasting. His ability to have such love in him was inspirational. The traumas he experienced in life took their toll, but still he found the capacity to love unconditionally. This is something I hope we can all learn from, both his advocacy and his ability to love.

Recently, the Fairness Ordinance set forth by the city council to update language in Title 11 of Lincoln's Municipal Code has been petitioned against by the Nebraska Family Alliance and their supporters. When the petition garnered over 18k votes in just two weeks, the despair from Milo and our trans community was palpable. To know that so many people here in our community cannot respect an individual's right to exist, much less their safety, housing, etc., was so painful to Milo.

The last year has been exceedingly tough on Milo. Between his transitional journey, the loss of friends, his mental health battles including depression and PTSD, and most recently this ongoing battle for LGBTQIA+ rights in Lincoln.....the strength Milo has shown in bearing all that came at him is beyond words. Milo will be missed so very much and our whole community suffers this loss. He would want his death to be a reminder to us all to advocate just as fiercely, love just as strongly, and to take care of ourselves and each other.

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