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Sameera Iftikhar

21 Mar 2022
Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)

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Sameera Iftikhar

Sameera died in hospital 8 days after being shot in an attack on a home in which 4 other trans women were also shot.

Sabtin Fida was arrested.

Sameer, one of the victims of the recent attack on five trans women in Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), has passed away. The victim succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds to her abdomen.

On March 14, Sameer Iftikhar was one of the five trans women who were shot and injured when a group of armed men broke into their home and opened fire. The wounded transgender persons were taken to the Ayub Medical Complex after the attack. Police arrested Sabtin Fida of Bedadi for the attack, at that time charging him with attempted murder.

Sameer, who was a resident of Chakia Road Mansehra, was being treated at the hospital for gunshot wounds, but succumbed to their injuries.

Mona, another trans woman shot in the incident, told police, “I reached my room near Pima Hospital along with my other colleagues. Sabtin who was already in the room, opened fire on us with an intent to kill us.”

Several days later, another transgender person, Chaanda, was murdered in Mardan, KP.

Following the attack a protest was staged in Rawalpindi:

Transgender persons staged a protest rally outside the Rawalpindi Press Club against the rising incidents of violence and killing of the community members in different parts of the country.

The protesting transgender persons demanded protection and immediate arrest of people involved in the killings of their fellow transgenders.

The protesters led by Saba Gul and Sana Chaudhry said that five transgender persons have been killed in different cities of the country in the last few days but not a single suspect has been arrested so far.

Saba Gul said that “if we are not provided with justice then we should be allowed to hand out dispense justice to the killers.”

Saba Gul said that they have confidence in Rawalpindi and Islamabad police where transgender centres have been established and “we demand that the government set up transgender centres across the country where we can be heard.”

Sana Chaudhry said that two transgender persons were killed in Mansehra on Monday. “What was their fault? We ask Prime Minister Imran Khan who will give us justice?”

Report added: 23 Mar 2022. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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