TDoR 2022 / 2022 / March / 22 / Priscila Santos ("Priscila Diva")

Priscila Santos ("Priscila Diva")

Age 29

22 Mar 2022
Mairiporã, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Priscila Santos ("Priscila Diva")
Priscila Santos ("Priscila Diva") [photo:]

Priscila's body was found in a state of decomposition in the Mairiporã dam on Tuesday 22nd March. She had been missing since Thursday 17th March.

“Justice for Priscilla”. That's what the posters spread by the hands of friends and family during the funeral of Priscila Santos, known as Priscila Diva, said.

The 29-year-old trans woman and resident of the Perus neighborhood in the northwest region of the city of São Paulo, was found dead last Tuesday (22/3) in the municipality of Mairiporã, in the metropolitan region. She was last seen on Thursday (17/3) when she left the house around 9pm, at the time she always used to leave for work. During her wake, her mother remembered the scene that was often repeated: “she took a walk, tossed her hair and left”. Unlike other days, on this day Priscila left the house only in flip-flops, shorts and a top, without a cell phone or documents.

“She was last seen on Rua Mogeiro, with Av. Dr Silvio de Campos, in Perus. We stayed behind her, asking a lot of people, ”says her sister Suellen Teixeira, who even went to hospitals and posted search ads on social media.

The young woman's death is still under investigation at the Franco da Rocha Police Station, in the municipality of Grande SP, where the body was taken after being found in a state of decomposition in the Mairiporã dam. The coffin was sealed, with only a photo of the young woman's face.

Priscila is remembered by her family and friends as an outgoing young woman who was always happy and smiling.

Born on December 11, 1992, Priscila was the daughter of Dona Irene dos Santos, sister of Suellen, Luana, Diego, Taise and Diógenes. Her nephews and nieces, even without understanding her departure, cried for their aunt. All the friends I talked to during the wake said the same thing: she was high-spirited, cheerful, outgoing, playful.

"She was a very outgoing person. Happy and smiling. She spoke well. She was always well-groomed. She was very special to many people", says Sister Suellen Teixeira, amid the whirlwind of information and emotions.

Priscila was also an inspiration to many of them. One of her friends, Talysson Ferreira, considered her one of the first trans women in Perus.

"I followed her trajectory and her suffering, because it wasn't easy. It's not easy for any of us. For me, she was the diva, she who started as a trans woman here in Perus. and give strength to other women, because none of them had the courage yet. She gave everyone the courage to come out and be proud to be what she is. The only queen there will be here in Perus. Our Perus diva".,13a4c0681d56613aaec55cf4cab1606emc3mlxxi.html,68c615999e432a2e497b01da3f727767xe5wolbz.html

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