TDoR 2022 / 2022 / March / 24 / Yessi Montero

Yessi Montero

Age 27

24 Mar 2022
Nautla, Veracruz (Mexico)
Tortured and shot

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Yessi Montero
Yessi Montero [photo:]

Yessi's mutilated body was found handcuffed alongside a highway on the outskirts of Cuatro Caminos on Thursday 24th March.

Yessi Montero, a 34-year-old trans woman, was reported missing and on March 24 they found her lifeless body with signs of torture on the side of a highway in Veracruz. That same day, a 34-year-old trans woman, whose name is unknown, was murdered on a public highway in the state of Oaxaca. More than a thousand kilometers from there, in Colima, 22-year-old Yaneth 'N' was murdered at her home on April 3. All three women had gunshot wounds.

The Veracruz activist, Jazz Bustamante, told in an interview for Presentes that so far this year seven crimes have been committed due to prejudice in Veracruz, "four against transgender people and three against gay [men]," she explains. In Oaxaca there are two transfeminicides, according to press reports. In Colima, journalist Roberto Macías reported for El Punto Informativo that Yaneth's murder is the first transfemicide of the year in that state.

The request for justice of these trans women has been kept in a low profile. Regarding this, Jazz Bustamante clarifies that both families and human rights defenders "are afraid to raise their voices" because they face hyper-local contexts where "the law of criminal cells" permeates.

And he adds, “that does not mean that the victims do not have the support of their communities, they do have it, sometimes also from their families, from the same people from the sexual dissidents of those localities, but it is very difficult that in that context they go out to demonstrate to demand justice because their own safety is at stake.”

Yessi was a waitress and did not do sex work. Local media misgendered her and erased her identity.

Yessi Montero was a waitress, she was 27 years old and was originally from the coastal municipality of Vega de Alatorre, Veracruz. Her family reported her disappearance and on March 24, 26 kilometers from her city of origin, in a stretch of plots in the town of Cuatro Caminos (municipality of Nautla), she was found dead; her body had signs of torture.

“The press reported everything as if it were a man and did not see it as relevant that she was a trans woman. I saw it as relevant to tell and make his identity visible and that she was a visible trans woman in his community. I also saw it as relevant to tell how she was murdered because it was a hate crime and to determine it as such it is important to talk about the aggravating causes, the cruelty and advantage over her gender identity. Yessi Montero was tortured, her genitals were cut off, she was given the 'coup de grace', what other proof do they want that it was a hate crime?”.

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