TDoR 2022 / 2022 / April / 05 / Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Age 35

5 Apr 2022
Jiutepec, Morelos (Mexico)

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Name Unknown

The victim was found dead on a dirt road. Her body showed evidence of blows to the body and head.

Jiutepec, MORELOS .- A [trans woman] dressed in women's underwear was found dead on a dirt road in the Atlacomulco neighborhood.

It is a [trans woman] with long hair, approximately 35 years old, who was wearing a white bra and girdle.

Yesterday at 06:00 hours the police arrived at Calle del PanteĆ³n after neighbors reported that there was a person lying in the middle of the dirt road.

It was at the level of the "Kin-Yu" event hall where the officers found the body of a person with physical features of a [trans woman], but dressed in feminine clothing.

The victim had blows to the body, mainly to the head, for which it is presumed that [she] was taken to that place to be killed, while the inhabitants of the area indicated that they had not heard anything unusual during the early hours of the morning.

After an expert opinion, personnel from the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) transferred the body to the morgue as unknown.

Report added: 22 Oct 2022. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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