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Age 28

14 Apr 2022
Barreira, Ceará (Brazil)
Stabbed and beheaded

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Fernandinha [photo:]

Fernandinha was stabbed and beheaded. Five days earlier on 9th April another trans woman was killed in the same city.

[Four trans women] were killed between January and April this year in Ceará. No suspects in either case were arrested. Two of the crimes took place in Fortaleza — in the Center and in Bom Jardim —, one in Pacatuba , in the Metropolitan Region; and the fourth was registered in Barreira , in the interior of the state. Deaths included beatings, decapitation, suffocation, stoning and shooting.

In the most recent case, that of Barreira, the transvestite identified as Fernandinha was beheaded and her head left on the branch of a tree. The victim was 28 years old. According to the Secretary of Public Security and Social Defense of the State (SSPDS), teams of the Military Police of Ceará were called upon to find a corpse. According to the organ, the victim had injuries from a "sharp" object. The crime is investigated by the Barreira Police Department.

Five days earlier, on April 9, there was the case of downtown Fortaleza. The victim, a [trans woman] whose name was not disclosed by the SSPDS, was 34 years old. She was found with signs of strangulation. The case is still under investigation and no arrests have been made.

On March 30, a trans woman was shot dead in Pacatuba. The victim was 31 years old and was found on a public road. The information is also from the SSPDS. A police inquiry was opened at the Department of Homicide and Protection of the Person (DHPP) and transferred to the Pacatuba Metropolitan Police Station.

On February 11, 22-year-old [trans woman] Sofia Gisely was stoned to death on Avenida Osório de Paiva, in Grande Bom Jardim, Fortaleza. The victim was in a vacant lot and had fallen to the ground. Sofia was missing part of her clothes and many rocks were close and on top of her. A month after the crime, the family went to the press to ask for justice.

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