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Tiffany Landino Bracho Viloria

Age 22

17 Apr 2022
Valledupar, Cesar (Colombia)

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Tiffany Landino Bracho Viloria
Tiffany Landino Bracho Viloria [photo:]

Tiffany was stabbed, allegedly by another member of her community in a dispute over sex work territory.

A member of the LGBTI community was murdered at 2:30 am on Sunday in the municipality of Valledupar, specifically in the vicinity of the Public Market, allegedly in a dispute over control of the territory where she offered sexual services,

The victim was identified as [deadname] Landino, 22, known as 'Tiffany', who was stabbed in the chest by another member of the LGBTI community, according to initial reports of the incident.

'Tiffany', who was a Venezuelan national who had not been in the city of Valledupar long, was apparently working in the sector and was chased by the aggressor, from whom she tried but failed to escape. She was immediately taken to the Santa Isabel clinic, where she died from the stab wound.

"The victim offered escort services in the popular market sector, and was aware of personal problems with another person from the LGBTI community, because she was new to the sector where she offered such services," the police report indicates.

Yuliana Ángel, legal representative of Trans Women and Sex Workers in Cesar, stated that lately acts of intolerance have been occurring frequently in Valledupar, so they seek to work in coordination with municipal administrations to protect the population.

Unfortunately, the attacks on this population are recurrent and the authorities do not take action on the matter, mainly considering that the majority are migrants and there are no care policies for them.

"We have put a magnifying glass on the Mayor's Office of Valledupar, so that it works in an area of ​​tolerance, and these women are of migrant quality, but we have not been able to advance, they have turned their backs on us and there are no alternatives for them, who daily they are exposed in places of high danger,” he said.

Tiffany, a Venezuelan trans migrant woman, was killed in Valledupar Cesar.

There are already 8 of our trans sisters killed in 2022 in Colombia, until when we have to expect the state to look and work for the safety of everyone. Not one more, we are a big diverse family.[[|1]]

Report added: 19 Apr 2022. Last updated: 24 Dec 2022

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