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Roxy Tumbaco Orrala

Age 35

22 Apr 2022
La Libertad (Ecuador)

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Roxy Tumbaco Orrala
Roxy Tumbaco Orrala [photo:]

Roxy was shot dead in front of her relatives outside her home in La Libertad (Ecuador) on the night of Friday 22nd April. Her killers escaped in two cars.

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El Centro Psico Trans de Quito of Asociación Silueta X, members of the National Platform “Nueva Red Trans Ecuador" (which with its collectives covers the local area, community and peripheries), the Observatorio GLBTI, and the Federación Nacional de Organizaciones LGBT, make the following fact known to the public.

On the night of this Friday, April 22, 2022, in the Los Tulipanes neighborhood of La Libertad canton, heavily armed individuals unloaded bullets on the humanity of Roxy Tumbaco Orrala, who was approximately 35 years old.

Just after 10:30 p.m., Roxy was outside her home in the company of several of her relatives, when her perpetrators got out of one of the vehicles and shot her at close range. After the event, police units began investigations and located the whereabouts of the two vehicles involved in this new violent death in the province of Santa Elena.

In the midst of tears and pain from the relatives of Roxy Tumbaco, her body was transferred to the municipal amphitheater for the respective autopsy of law.

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