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Anne Souza

2 May 2022
Maraguá, Espírito Santo (Brazil)

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Anne Souza
Anne Souza [photo:]

Anne was shot by a man in a white pickup at around 2:30am on Monday 2nd May.

A young transsexual [woman], identified as Anne Souza, was shot dead in the early hours of Monday (2) on a dirt road in Maranguá, in the interior of Itapemirim, on the southern coast of the state.

According to the Civil Police, a man in a white pickup truck shot the victim - who was wearing an orange blouse and skirt and had tattoos all over her body - at around 2:30 am, hitting her in the neck and three times in the chest. She died instantly.

According to the investigations, Anne was the woman's social name and her family is from Piúma. “She has not yet been fully identified. Anne was the social name, but she was registered as [deadname] and her family is from Piúma. That's what we have able to learn”, said delegate Djalma Pereira Lemos, who will lead the case at the Itapemirim Police Station.

The Military Police arrived at the scene of the crime, isolated the area and called the Civil Police Expert, which carried out the expertise and who sent the corpse to the Legal Medical Service (SML) of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim.

Four suspects were subsequently arrested, with a fifth on the run.

Anne's murder is believed to have been connected to her having witnessed and survived the murder of her partner in 2018.

“The victim was a witness for the prosecution, in a jury that would be held on May 4, regarding a 2018 homicide, which took place on Ilha do Gambá, in Piúma. On the day of the crime, her partner was shot in the back of the head while they were having sex. At the time, she managed to escape the shots and recognized the suspects. She was killed so that she would not testify in this process”, reported the delegate.

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