TDoR 2022 / 2022 / May / 14 / Estefani Rodrigues Soares

Estefani Rodrigues Soares

Age 18

14 May 2022
Natal, Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)

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Estefani Rodrigues Soares

Estefani was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend. He was arrested and confessed to her murder.

The ex-boyfriend of the young trans woman who was stabbed to death this Saturday (14), in Natal, was arrested and confessed to the crime, according to the Civil Police. A video taken by investigators shows the attack. According to delegate Adson Kleper, the 28-year-old man should answer for femicide.

The victim was officially identified as Estefani Rodrigues Soares, 18 years old. She was killed in a square on Rua Desembargador Carlos Augusto, in Lagoa Nova, in the South Zone of the capital.

An app driver heard the young woman's cries for help and saw her body lying on the ground. He even tried to follow the suspect she ran away from. The knife used in the crime was found in the square.

After being called the Military Police managed to arrest the author of the crime in the Nova Descoberta neighborhood.

The man was injured with a cut on his hand and was taken to UPA Potengi, to be treated, before being taken to the duty of the Specialized Police Station for Assistance to Women, in the North Zone of the capital.

According to the delegate, during the deposition, the man confessed that the crime was premeditated. He also said that he had a falling out with the victim in January and she stabbed him. He then told the delegate that he denounced the aggression, but saw that the investigation was not progressing and decided to act on his own, arranging a meeting and killing the young woman.

Despite the version of revenge presented by the aggressor, the case was registered as a femicide, because of the relationship between him and the victim, according to the delegate.

"It's a serious, heinous crime, and that's why he was booked in the act and will answer for the crime arrested," he said.

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