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Maddie Hoffman

Age 47 (born 20 Mar 1975)

19 May 2022
Malvern, Pennsylvania (USA)

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Maddie Hoffman
Maddie Hoffman [photo:]

Maddie died after being shot by police during a wellbeing check at her home.

Maddie Hofmann – a 47-year-old trans woman and parent of two young children – was shot and killed by police on 19 May during a wellness check at their home in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

The Chester County District Attorney’s Office claimed the police shooting was “justified” and isn’t indicting the officers who shot Hoffman three times, leading to their death. The police report detailed a struggle over a firearm as the ‘justification’ for the shooting.

Police found Hoffman in their home experiencing a mental health crisis and yelling that they were in a “crisis situation”. Investigators said the struggle and shooting happened in less than a minute, Fox 29 reported.

Hoffman was born in Korea and raised by their adopted family in New Jersey and Vermont, according to a GoFundMe created in honour of the late trans woman.

“Maddie’s family is devastated by this loss. Nationwide, police are usually the first responders to people with mental health crises,” the campaign said. It continued: “They are often not trained to provide proper support and the results have been deadly and devastating. “Maddie’s family wishes to elevate this important issue so that it does not happen to another person ever again.”

Maddie is survived by her wife and two young children. Her wife recorded a video on TikTok describing how their 9-year-old son saw the police as his heroes until they killed Maddie:

@theepicmommy OVER 5 MONTHS & STILL NO POLICE INCIDENT REPORT OR BODY CAM FOOTAGE On May 19th of this year our world was shattered when my spouse Maddie was shot and killed by police at home during a mental health wellness check gone horribly wrong. Maddie was in crisis. No mental health professional or conflict resolution specialist came. No psychologist or de-escalation expert was employed. Just officers with guns. Maddie was dead within 57 seconds. Three kill shots. Two to the chest and one to the face. #justice4maddie #translivesmatter #asianlivesmatter #transnationalsdoptee #informtoreform ? Grievous Loss (piano solo) - sad tragic dramatic slow sorrowful - DPmusic

Just a few weeks later another trans person - Jasper Aaron Lynch - was killed in a similar deadly encounter with police.

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