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Name Unknown

28 May 2022
Manaus, Amazonas (Brazil)

Name Unknown

The naked body of the victim was found floating in a stream with her skull caved in. Her identity is unknown.

Manaus (AM) – This Saturday morning (28), people came across the body of a transsexual woman on the banks of a stream on Avenida Theomário Pinto da Costa, in the Chapada neighborhood, in the Center-South zone of the capital of Amazonas. Possibly, the victim was doing a sexual program in that area of ??the city.

According to information provided by the police, the victim's body was found by a resident who was walking along the road and saw the victim lying in the creek. Immediately, the man thought it was an alligator since the corpse was without clothes.

According to the expertise, the victim's body may have been dragged to the banks of the stream, as it has several abrasions on the trunk, in addition to a deepening in the skull, looking like stones. Blood marks were also found at the scene and may help with investigations.

The Legal Medical Institute (IML) was called to remove the body and the autopsy exam will point out the causes of death, which apparently shows signs of physical aggression.

Agents from the Specialized Homicide and Kidnapping Police Station (DEHS) were also at the scene to collect data that lead to the perpetrator of the crime, who will be investigated by the specialist.

Report added: 29 May 2022. Last updated: 12 Jun 2022

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