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Yuridia Pizarro

Age 55

2 Jun 2022
Iquique, Tarapacá (Chile)

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Yuridia Pizarro
Yuridia Pizarro [photo:]

Yurida's body was found in a coastal area of the city where she lived and owned a bakery.

On Thursday, the discovery of the lifeless body of 55-year-old Yuridia Pizarro, a transgender woman who owns the San Pedro bakery in Caleta Caramucho in Iquique, in the Tarapacá region, was confirmed.

It was confirmed by the Prosecutor's Office of this city, the body was found on the south coast of Iquique. The Homicide Brigade of the PDI was ordered to continue with the investigations.

As detailed by, Carabineros reported that after making a tour of Route A-1 on Thursday, the lifeless body was found in the coastal sector of this city. A man of Colombian nationality was arrested for his alleged participation in the events.

Subprefect Cristián Sayago, head of the Homicide Brigade of the PDI, indicated that at the request of the Prosecutor's Office of Iquique they are working on the discovery of the body on Route A-1, at kilometer 368, where the corresponding investigations are being carried out. Janka Pierola Pizarro, a niece of Yuri Pizarro, said that the events occurred last Sunday, May 29, when a neighbor of the sector realized that her aunt was not at home.

On Monday 30 they went to the house and asked a man of Colombian nationality, who for a year worked with his aunt (who had a bakery in Caleta Caramucho).

Janka said that this citizen informed the relatives that his aunt Yuri Pizarro had traveled to Bolivia, but when she searched the house for her belongings they realized that her vehicle - a van used by their aunt to buy flour, ingredients and products for their business - was missing. In addition, she said that when entering the house they found her aunt's belongings in a disorderly state and decided to report the disappearance to the Chanavayita Carabineros.

Yuridia's niece also indicated that her aunt's vehicle was later found abandoned by Carabineros of the Third Police Station in Alto Hospicio.

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with her murder.

Report added: 7 Jun 2022. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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