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Camilla Bertolotti

Age 43

7 Jun 2022
Liguria (Italy)
Beaten and shot

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Camilla Bertolotti
Camilla Bertolotti [photo:]

Camilla's body was found near a stream in a rural area. It is possible that she was killed after witnessing the murder of Nevila Pjetri, a cisgender woman.

A suspect is in custody on suspicion of being responsible for both murders.

The facts known at the moment are as follows. Two corpses found within two days, of a [sex worker] and a trans [woman], in the borderland between Liguria and Tuscany, far from the glamor of Versilia. Daniele Bedini, 32, was arrested for the first murder, that of Nevila Pjetri, but he declares himself "completely unrelated to the facts". It is investigated to understand whether the second murder, that of Carlo Bertolotti, known as "Camilla", is also attributable to him.

Let's put the events in order. Nevila Pjetri's body was found in the night between Saturday and last Sunday in Marinella di Sarzana: an autopsy revealed that she was killed by two shots from a .22 caliber pistol after being brutally attacked. The second body, that of Carlo Bertolotti, a transsexual known as Camilla, was found lifeless 48 hours later a few kilometers away, also killed by a firearm. Bertolotti's Fiesta had been found by the carabinieri, alerted by friends and acquaintances who had not seen the victim for a couple of days. It is not excluded that she was already killed between Sunday and Saturday or between Sunday and Monday.

The owner of a well-known carpentry shop in the area had presented himself to the police station in Carrara to report the theft of a .22 caliber pistol. At dawn yesterday the carabinieri arrested his son: Daniele Bedini, 32 years old. The hypothesis is that he stole his father's gun and committed a double murder with that weapon. Daniele Bedini has a history of robbery, receiving stolen goods, and drugs. On the documents he appears to be a craftsman. Bedini did not admit killing Nevila, stealing her bag and cell phone, and then throwing her into the bed of the Parmignola stream, in Marinella di Sarzana. The weapon regularly held by the father has not yet been found and at the moment it is only compatible with the bullets found next to the corpses. The hearing to validate the arrest is expected in the next few hours.

Carlo Bertolotti, 43, hairdresser, transsexual [woman] known by the name of Camilla, was also killed with a small caliber gun. Her car was not far from the body, two compatible shells and bloodstains were found. The points of contact between the first and second murders are there. Impossible to draw hasty conclusions, but one of the hypotheses reported today by the newspapers is that Bedini attacked Nevila, perhaps to rob her, and that Camilla saw too much and for what she was murdered. Investigators think that Bedini may have killed a second time, it is not clear how long after the first of her, to eliminate those who had seen him while he was loading in the car - probably to rob her - the woman. About him, the investigators write "numerous serious clues have been collected".

Camilla was a hairdresser who lived alone and used to own her own salon. A year earlier, her home had "mysteriously" burned down, and local people had set up a fundraiser to help her.

Camilla Bertolotti was a woman.

Until last year she lived in Montebello di Ceparana where, for four years, she was the owner of a hairdressing shop. She lived alone, had long lost her parents. Last year she moved to Albiano Magra after her house mysteriously burned down. The villagers had set up a fundraiser to help her. For a few months she had found work as a hairdresser in a Spezia shop. On Sunday morning she was found lifeless near the Parmignola stream, on the border between Liguria and Tuscany. He was 43 years old. Investigations are currently underway, and there is one suspect.

Camilla was also a trans woman, which is a detail that is important to add, not because it defines her as a person, but because she defines her murder: an act of transphobia. To date Italy is the first European country in the number of murders of transgender people ( ). Not only physical violence, but also psychological violence and social discrimination. From the difficulty in accessing hormonal care, to the endless bureaucracy needed to change documents, to the loss of homeland power over your children as a result of the transition (and this, because same-sex marriage) he has not yet been recognized). And I could keep it going

At last, the social humiliation. The Italian press reported the news of Camilla's murder, referring to her as a transgender, a hairdresser. Bringing back the dead name Camilla left behind to finally live her life as the woman she was and will be in our memories. After fighting a whole life to have her own existence recognized, free and authentic, Camilla left like this, tragically, deprived of her own dignity. The violence within the violence.

Let's not forget about Camilla and all the other transgender people who are humiliated, insulted, discriminated, beaten and killed every day in Italy and around the world. Let's join the Pride. Let's go to schools ( Arcigay Friuli ODV , Arcigay Arcobaleno ODV ). Let's talk about them. Let's fight for them.

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