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Lorrayne Alves

Age 22

8 Jun 2022
Anápolis, Goiás (Brazil)
Cosmetic filler complications

Lorrayne Alves
Lorrayne Alves [photo:]

Lorrayne died in hospital after undergoing a clandestine cosmetic procedure.

The family of Lorraine Alves, 22, are disputing an account that the [trans woman] have died after an aesthetic procedure performed in São Paulo. The victim died last Wednesday (08), at Anápolis State Hospital Dr. Henrique Santillo (HEANA).

In an interview with Portal 6 , this Saturday (11), Lorrayne's aunt, [name redacted], said that her niece had said, through WhatsApp messages, that she intended to undergo a procedure to place silicone in her buttocks. However, [according to her family] everything was carried out in a clandestine clinic, inside a nightclub in Anápolis. “Everything was done in town and a friend took Lorraine to have the surgery,” she said.

According to her aunt, she arrived in Anápolis just over a month ago, seeking to financially improve the life of her family, who live in Belém do Pará. “She was our base, a wonderful person, very polite. We didn't know she was going to Annapolis to do this kind of thing, so it was a shock to everyone,” she says.

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