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Age 15

11 Jun 2022
Catania, Sicily (Italy)


Sasha was a volunteer at Catania Pride. He died by suicide on or slightly before Saturday 11th June.

A terrible tragedy, made even more unsustainable by certain newspaper articles that spoke of a 'girl' who committed suicide. Sasha , this is her name, fell from the sixth floor of her home, in a central street in Catania. The hypothesis is suicide.

" The news of Sasha's death reached us, it struck us and upset us not a little ", the managers of Catania Pride wrote on social networks. “We embrace her friends and friends and all her loved ones. Sasha was a young boy from our community, just 15 years old, recently close to the world of pride and activism. At the last event organized by Catania Pride he chose to be present and personally as a volunteer and helped us in arranging and assembling everything for the activity. We got to talk to him, get to know him and hear his struggles in being able to express his gender identity ".

And this is where the denunciation of the usual, unsustainable misgendering comes from Catania , unfortunately often widespread practice with which we usually refer to a transgender person using terms that refer to biological sex, and not to the gender identity in which this person is person recognizes himself.

“ Precisely for this reason the news of his suicide struck us a lot and, regarding her identity, reading in the newspapers and in the local press about“ a little girl ”fills us with anger “, concluded Arcigay Catania. “It is inconceivable that society as a whole would lead a boy of just 15 to make a similar gesture. It's not right. He was a boy, and his name was Sasha and should be remembered as such. May the earth be light to him”.

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