TDoR 2022 / 2022 / June / 12 / Suany Maradiaga

Suany Maradiaga

Age 31

12 Jun 2022
San Pedro Sula, Cortés (Honduras)
Shot and run over

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Suany Maradiaga

Suany was shot in the street. She was homeless and had previously received death threats.

Tegucigalpa. – Suany Maradiaga was a 31-year-old transgender woman, she had filed three complaints with the Public Ministry for death threats, but she was ignored and her gunshot murder in the early hours of Sunday, June 12 in San Pedro Sula, became just a figure more about the violence suffered by the LGTBIQ+ community in Honduras.

Suany's life ended in the Barrio el Centro of San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras. In the place where she was found, several bullet cartridges lay, evidence of the hatred towards the community of sexual diversity and the lack of action by the authorities, despite having been alerted previously.

Suany's street condition exposed her even more to attacks, delinquency and violence, with deep abhorrence, not only was she shot several times, she was also run over by a vehicle. Her crime exposes a lack of empathy and disrespect for life. The human rights defender and director of the IGUALES Association, Javier Carrington, said that it could be seen that the bullets were from a shotgun.

In 2021, Suany filed and documented a complaint for discrimination, threats, physical and verbal aggression, but everything was left in a file with the sum of the incidents that ended up taking her life.

The second complaint was filed on February 25 and the third and last on June 11 of this year, both of which reinforced the one filed in 2021, Carrington said. However, the documents ended up in the dust accumulated in the abandoned drawers of the Public Ministry.

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