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Name Unknown

19 Jun 2022
Ecatepec, Estado de México (Mexico)

Name Unknown

The victim was murdered while she was standing at a bus stop on the Mexico-Pachuca Highway. Her identity is not known.

A transgender woman was murdered on the edge of the Mexico-Pachuca Highway, near the town of Santa María Tulpetlac, in Ecatepec.

The initial hypotheses suggest that the victim, between 40 and 45 years old, was taken to kilometer 18+600 and was shot three times with a firearm. The bullets, according to the paramedics' diagnosis, were embedded in her head: two in the left cheek and one more in the parietal area. However, the authorities do not have more details of the case, since there were no witnesses and there are no surveillance cameras in that area.

About 100 meters away there is a surveillance module of the municipal police, but it was agents who discovered the body during the early hours of the morning. She was in a fetal position on the shoulder, the blood had run down her face until it formed a puddle on the pavement and he was not wearing shoes.

“They reported it to us at 4:30 (hours), but surely the event occurred before. "The last patrol we did was around 1:30 (hours) and there was still nothing," said one of the federal soldiers. Although they requested an ambulance and the rescuers did not take long to arrive, they only confirmed the death.

On one side of the body, they found three ballistic signs and a ring that probably belonged to the victim. Around 8:00 am, the body was still under police guard and some neighbors approached the metal fence that prevents access to the road.

The same was done by drinking water distributors who came to pick up their pipes at a nearby parking lot. However, no one recognized the transgender woman or provided more details of the crime.

Report added: 19 Jun 2022. Last updated: 25 Jun 2022

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