TDoR 2022 / 2022 / June / 22 / Carmem Lúcia Alves de Souza ("Lu")

Carmem Lúcia Alves de Souza ("Lu")

Age 53

22 Jun 2022
São Sebastião, Distrito Federal (Brazil)

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Carmem Lúcia Alves de Souza ("Lu")
Carmem Lúcia Alves de Souza ("Lu") [photo:]

Lu was found dead in her home with her hands tied behind her back. Her body showed signs of violence.

Investigators from the 30th Police Station (São Sebastião) are investigating the case of the death of a transsexual woman as robbery. Identified as "Lu", the victim's body was located on Rua 49 da Vila Nova, in São Sebastião, on Wednesday night (22/6). The door to the house was unlocked and the police found her tied up on top of the bed.

The victim was face down on the bed, with her hands tied. She had been strangled to death in her own clothes, some of which were found wrapped around her neck. The perpetrator of the crime had stolen her car, a Honda HR-V.

Aside from the door being found open, there were no signs of a struggle inside the property. Lu's cell phone was found by a recyclable material collector. The device was taken by the man to the police station after answering calls from friends of the victim who were worried about her.

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