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Victoria de Lima

Age 25

25 Jun 2022
Maringá, Paraná (Brazil)

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Victoria de Lima
Victoria de Lima [photo:]

Victoria was shot while attending Festa Junina. She died in front of a hospital after family members were told no doctors were available to attend to her injuries.

A 25-year-old [trans woman] was executed with at least four shots in Maringá. The crime took place on the night of this Saturday, 25, in the Santa Felicidade complex.

The victim was identified as Victoria de Lima. She was participating in a June party that took place in Praça Zumbi dos Palmares, when she was surprised by the shooter. After the shooting the man fled.

People called for help, but the victim's family preferred to refer her to the UPA. When they arrived, they found a vehicle blocking the entrance, so they took Victória to the Municipal Hospital, next to the UPA.

She had injuries to her abdomen, chest and head. According to reports from a cousin of hers, when they arrived at the hospital they were told that there was no doctor to attend to the young woman. She died in front of the hospital unit.

In a final indignity, Victoria's body was exhumed on the orders of police in February 2023 so they could search for additional evidence relating to her murder - specifically the bullets that had killed her, which inexplicably - had not been removed from her body before burial..

Victoria's Facebook profile is

Report added: 29 Jun 2022. Last updated: 13 Jul 2023

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