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Kelly Romero Hernández

Age 25 (born 18 Feb 1997)

8 Jul 2022
Santa Ana Atzacan, Veracruz (Mexico)

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Kelly Romero Hernández
Kelly Romero Hernández [photo:]

Kelly went missing from Orizaba on Friday 8th July. Her body was found in a clandestine mass grave which was secured by the authorities a week later.

Of a total of 15 bodies exhumed and rescued as of Wednesday, September 21, from the clandestine graves of Colonia Revolución, in Santa Ana Atzacan, four have already been identified through DNA tests carried out at the Nogales Forensic Genetic Identification Center. , and delivered this day to their families for Christian burial.

Thanks to the interdisciplinary work of the Collective of Families of the Disappeared in the Córdoba-Orizaba Zone and the Specialized Prosecutor's Office, today these four people have managed to return to their homes and their families will have a place to remember them.

Among the bodies rescued and delivered with dignity, is the male Juan Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez, 38 years old and residing in the municipality of Ixtaczoquitlán, who was reported missing since July 7 of this year.

The body of a young trans [woman] was also exhumed and delivered today: [deadname] Romero Hernández / Kelly Romero Hernández, who was 25 years old and resided n the municipality of Orizaba and who has been missing since July 8 of this year.

It is worth mentioning that two more bodies were also handed over but their identity is unknown because the families requested anonymity via Colectivo de Familias de Desaparecidos en la Zona Córdoba-Orizaba. 11 bodies still remain as unknown but under investigation in the facilities of the Forensic Genetic Identification Center of the municipality of Nogales, for their recognition and delivery to their relatives.

It should be remembered that this property with clandestine graves was secured on July 15 of this year, which is located in Privada Camino de Servidumbre on Calle Luis Ordaz, in the Colonia Revolución of the Municipality of Santa Ana Atzacan. Days later, the property with a white fence and a black gate was searched, once the judge released the order and as of September 2, nine bodies had been recovered. The work continued, and as of September 21, a total of 15 bodies had been recovered and buried.

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