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Lara Croft

Age 34

12 Jul 2022
Cariacica, Espírito Santo (Brazil)

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Lara Croft
Lara Croft [photo:]

Lara was shot by police, who allege that she attacked them. However, witnesses dispute this and described the way she was killed in an execution.

A 34-year-old trans woman, known as "Lara Croft", was shot dead by a military police officer in the early hours of Wednesday (12), in the Alto Lage neighborhood, in Cariacica , in Greater Vitória.

According to the Military Police, there was a confrontation, but residents of the region deny it. Saleswoman [name redacted], the victim's mother, said she spoke to her daughter for the last time on Tuesday afternoon (11).

"The last time I called her was in the afternoon. She said she was fine and was on the street but couldn't talk because her cell phone could be stolen. When I arrived at the crime scene, the ID and cell phone were not there." said. According to Silvania, the daughter had psychiatric problems aggravated by drug use and has already been hospitalized, including compulsorily, on other occasions.

What they did was cowardice. I don't know who it was but Jesus knows. Justice will be done here on Earth and in the heaven. She was sick and needed help and not violence. She needed psychological care. I even thought about a judge to compulsorily commit her. I have her psychiatrist's reports. They said that drug use was making her schizophrenic. It was supposed to put her in a recovery clinic," she said.

Silvania said that Lara was her only child. Regarding the PM's version, that her daughter had attacked military police officers, Silvania said that she was never aggressive and that there were other ways to contain her .

"She loved me. A wonderful heart. They were strong, there were many. Why didn't they do the same as they did when they went inside my house to commit her? They could have done the same. They went with a shield, a non-lethal weapon. Why didn't they act that way too? Why didn't they contact me? Why didn't they let the judge know? She was in need of help. She didn't need to lose her life”, said the mother.

Residents who talked to the reporters contested the PM's account . According to them, the woman did not attack the police and was executed during their approach.

According to one of the residents, who preferred not to identify himself, he said that Lara used to make jokes with the police when they approached someone in the neighborhood and that the police officers did not like it and had already threatened her .

"The policeman arrived to approach. But it was not a common approach. Lara said something he didn't like. He got on top of her, punched her several times and shot her several times and she had no way to react. He killed her sitting down. She had no right idea. She was undergoing psychiatric treatment, took that lot of medicine. She was executed because she didn't have anything. They are abusing. Yesterday it was Lara and today it could be my son. I think there was a prejudice too", reported.

The case was registered on the duty of the Department of Homicide and Protection of the Person (DHPP) as death in confrontation with a state agent and is being investigated.

Report added: 14 Jul 2022. Last updated: 14 Sep 2023

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