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14 Jul 2022
Betul, Madhya Pradesh (India)

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Nikki was killed after an argument with a man who was reportedly ashamed of having an illicit relationship with her. He subsequently died by suicide.

Betul: A young man killed his trans friend and hanged himself in Betul. Police say that there was an illicit relationship between the two. The young man first killed the friend, then gave his own life fearing that if the secret of their physical relationship came out, it will lead to a scandal, reportedDainik Bhaskar.

Sarani SDOP Roshan Jain reportedly said that on the night of July 14, at 2.30 am, he had received a call from someone called Nikki who had complained of assault. When the team called the number again, the number was switched off.

The next day on July 15, a dead body was reported hanging on the noose. It was identified as Hariom Choure. On Monday, the police found another dead body, which was decomposed as it was 2-3 days old. Marks of the same rope were also found on this dead body, with which Hariom hanged himself.

Hariom was a resident of Chhindwara and used to be a watchman in a nursery in Sarani. He became friends with a transgender person named Nikki of Nagpur. The two also had a physically intimate relationship for a long time.

Since Nikki used to have relationships with other boys as well, Hari Om feared exposure and humiliation on his and Nikki's relationship.

Hari Om was afraid that the secret of the relation with Kinnar might be revealed. On the night of July 14, there was an argument between the two in the nursery itself. During this, Nikki hurt herself and dialled 100. Nikki hung up the phone by accusing Hariom of assault.

Angered by this, Hariom strangled Nikki to death with a rope. After this, due to fear of the scandal coming out, he also hanged himself with the same rope.

Report added: 24 Jul 2022. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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