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15 Aug 2022
Arequipa (Peru)

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Pamela was found dead in a home on the morning of Monday 15th August. She had arrived there with three men at 10pm the previous night.

Pamela, a transsexual girl from Tacna, was trying to make a living working in Arequipa. However, she was killed during a meeting held at the home of a friend of hers, in the City Enclosure, where she was staying a week ago.

She was found at 7:40 a.m. on Monday inside the room she occupied in the building on Calle Pizarro No. 105, the discovery was made by her stylist friend, who thought she was sleeping when in fact she was dead, so he called to the police.

Agents from the Palacio Viejo police station attended the scene, to whom the owner of the house told them that Pamela entered the house at 10 o'clock on Sunday night accompanied by three people, who only identified themselves as Bryan, Luis and David, with whom she had been drinking.

The homeowner fell asleep leaving Pamela with her companions who would be involved in the crime that was discovered hours later in the central morgue of Arequipa. The necropsy determined that she had been strangled.

That same night his mother arrived in the city to remove her body from the morgue to transfer it to Tacna. The distraught woman said that her Pamela came to town six months ago and she ran away from the place where she lived and worked because she wasn't getting paid.

Divincri homicide detectives have taken over the investigations. Pamela also had her cell phone stolen.

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