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Marimar Santiago ("Estrellita")

Age 27

27 Aug 2022
Salina Cruz, Oaxaca (Mexico)

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Marimar Santiago ("Estrellita")
Marimar Santiago ("Estrellita") [photo:]

Marimar identified as muxé and was a teacher. Her body was found with a gunshot wound on a dirt road on Saturday 27th August..

Marimar Santiago, a muxe teacher, was murdered in the municipality of Salina Cruz on August 27. 400 kilometers from there and on the same day, David López, a trans woman of Mixtec origin, was the victim of an attempted transfeminicide in San Pedro Jicayán . LGBT+ activists from Oaxaca demand justice and investigations with a gender perspective.

According to different local media, on the morning of August 27, after calling 911, Marimar Santiago was found dead on a dirt road. Her body of her had a gunshot wound.

David, a Mixtec trans woman, was beaten, strangled and her assailants tried to cut out her tongue. Due to the aftermath of the attack, she cannot move her neck or swallow solid food. She denounces Gildardo Martínez López, son of the former municipal president of San Pedro Jicayán, as her attacker.

Marimar Santiago, originally from San Pedro Huilotepec, was a muxe person. They called her Estrellita and she worked as a teacher in a primary school in the coastal municipality of Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. She was buried in her community, and friends, activists and neighbors from Huilotepec attended her farewell. In social networks, people who knew her expressed outrage and demand justice.

“There is no 'muxe' paradise on the isthmus. They keep killing us for being who we are. For dedicating ourselves to pursuing our dreams, dressed as a woman. For doing what we like the most, not betraying our nature. Geovana, Sherlyn, Oscar Cazorla , Marimar and all those who have been murdered, without anyone being found guilty, ” Amurabi Mendez, a friend of Marimar and cultural promoter of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, published on networks.

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