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Carina Guzman

Age 40

31 Aug 2022
General Güemes, Salta (Argentina)

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Carina Guzman
Carina Guzman [photo:]

Carina's body was found in her home on Wednesday 31st August.

The body of Carina, who was about 40 years old, was found at mid-morning yesterday, Tuesday, in the little house where she lived, at the back of her mother's house, in Villa Tranquila, a working-class neighborhood in that city that crosses National Route 34.

Although it was not officially confirmed that she had been murdered, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Salta reported last night that "there are people delayed in relation to the act." The body was brought yesterday to the city of Salta, for an autopsy to be performed.

According to the story of people who knew Carina, she had been born into a family with serious problems of alcohol addiction, and she herself suffered from this addiction. At the age of 15, she went to the clubs, where she met many of the people who yesterday said goodbye to her, highlighting her gift from her to her people from her.

She had worked as a [sex worker] for at least 15 years, like the vast majority of trans people in the towns of Salta. She used to stop at a gas station, and they knew and loved her there too.

"For me she was always an excellent person, beyond the fact that she had problems with alcohol. She led a very suffering life, because of the same discrimination, because of the homophobes," said the neighbor. She said that just two weeks ago, after not meeting for a long time due to the pandemic, she saw her in a bowling alley.

Later he saw her again at the exit of the city, where there is a window cleaning stop, he saw her in a group of people who are recognized for their addiction to alcohol. Ella Carina approached him, told him that she had not eaten anything that day and asked him for money to buy food.

"She did not deserve that death, because she was not a girl who messed with anyone. Her death has moved me as well as several friends who know her, because she was not a problematic girl," the neighbor insisted.

This person also told a version that other people who knew Guzmán recounted: three or four days ago he had an altercation with another woman in the place known as El Gauchito Gil and received a blow to the head. The neighbor added that Carina's family is so humble that a friend created a WhatsApp group yesterday with the aim of helping with the funeral expenses once the authorities return the body.

In the conversation with Salta/12, Carina's neighbor had moments of tears, and anticipated her mistrust of the judicial system. "From the depths of my heart, I know that her case will come to nothing, because it is very difficult, she is a humble person. That is why, when all this happens, I will take care of knowing who they were and of ask for justice, so that this case does not go unpunished, because Carina did not deserve this," he said. "She never had a family to protect her," she lamented.

Several people who spoke with this medium expressed their concern about the place where the incident in which Carina received a blow occurred. They said that before the pandemic it worked as a cabaret, that there were complaints for various reasons, including the presence "of 15, 16-year-old girls, drinking, surrounded by drunks," that it was closed at the time and that it is supposedly still closed now, but "people know that after a certain time the bell rings and there is a cabaret".

The body of Carina Guzmán was found around 9:30 a.m. on August 31 at an address on Calle Rioja at 800 Villa Tranquila, in the city of General Güemes, more than 50 kilometers south of the city of Salta.

Four men and one woman were subsequently charged with homicide.

Four men and one woman were charged with the death of Carina Guzmán, a trans woman who was found dead last Wednesday, August 31, in Güemes. The defendants, who are detained, gave a statement and the prosecution requested that the deprivation of liberty be sustained.

Criminal Prosecutor 1 of the Serious Attacks Against Persons Unit, Leandro Flores, provisionally charged four men and one woman as co-authors of the crime of simple homicide against Carina Guzmán.

The defendants had allegedly been together in the house of the deceased and, in circumstances that are under investigation, had physically assaulted her, causing her death.

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