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Renato Estrada

Age 42 (born 28 Sep 1979)

6 Sep 2022
Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala)

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Renato Estrada
Renato Estrada [photo:]

Renato was shot. He was a member of Colectivo Trans Trébol.

Renato Estrada, a 43-year-old trans man and member of Colectivo El Trébol, was killed yesterday, September 6. He was attacked in a bar located in Colonia Landívar. His murder is in addition to those of 19 other LGBTIQ+ people that occurred during 2022.

Ilse Contreras, president of the El Trébol Collective, said they do not know the motive for the murder, as Renato had no problems with anyone. "He was very helpful and friendly, he didn't look for problems," he explained. The police are investigating the facts, and will keep the family informed.

According to Contreras, the murder of his partner was a hate crime. "He had told us that he knew a lot of people who had a phobia of trans men. The reason is that: the rejection of us and our identity," he said.

Renato's murder is not the first of its kind. On July 2, Nancy Sacul Tut, a trans woman and also a member of Colectivo El Trébol, was wounded at 9:30 p.m. with a firearm. "The hate crimes, rejection and repudiation of our identities continue," Contreras said.

The National Observatory of LGBTIQ+ Human Rights reported that, during the first 7 days of September, 2 violent deaths were registered against LGBTIQ+ people. So far in 2022, another 18 have been killed.

Report added: 27 Sep 2022. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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